Join us to experience the ​​rich heritage of distinctly American fortified wine. Here are some ways you can celebrate national AMERICAN FORTIFIED WINE WEEKEND

                                    Go American Fortified Wine Tasting​​
American fortified wines are produced in 38 states from California, Washington, and Oregon to New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. American Heartland states including Ohio, Missouri, and Texas also produce luxurious fortified wines of exceptional quality and style. Check the internet for wineries in your area producing fortified wines or e- mail the Sweet and Fortified Wine Association ( for a list of producers near you.

          Pair American Fortified Wines with Foods Other Than Dessert
Fortified wine may well be America's most versatile wine type. They pair well with almost any cuisine and can be the basis of delicious, hearty sauces and marinades. Try a fortified wine with snacks like potato chips or cheese dip. How about a fortified wine cocktail on the rocks with a twist. Of course, fortified wines make any dessert from chocolate to fresh berries a special treat. E-mail for specific pairing suggestions and recipes.

                            Learn More About American Fortified Wine​​
T​he story of American fortified wine history, production, and enjoyment is a fascinating tale little appreciated by American wine consumers. You can get more information about American fortified wines by visiting you local winery or wine store.

Fortified Wine - The Essential Guide to American Port-style and Fortified Wine ​ is an excellent source of information on the history and production American fortified wines including a listing of selected American producers. The book is available at most book sellers and through